Alabama / Fallin Again

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Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 08:40:42 -0500 (EST) From: Douglas=K.=Smith%95%K* by James P. Pennington and Mark Gray 4/4 time | | | Chorus: the further I fall.[C] I ll be [Am]over the edge now [D] in no time at [G]all. [D] I m fallin [G]faster and faster and faster with no time to stall.[C] the further I fall[G] | verse 1: [C]The things that you say to me,[D]|[Em] the look on your face, [D] [C]brings out the man in me.[D] [Em] Do I see a trace[Bm] in your eyes[Am] of love?[C/D] (repeat chorus) verse 2: Could I be dreamin ? Is this really real? Cause there s something magic, the way that I feel in your arms tonight. (repeat chorus) goes into the bridge [C/D] the further I fall[C] Bridge: [C]keep fall-[D]in , oh, yeah [C]yeah, keep fall-[D]in . [C]mmm fall-[D/C]in , oh, yeah [C]yeah, I m fall-[D/C]in . [C]Yes I m fall-[D/C]in [C] [D/C] (Yes I m fallin ) (yes I m fallin ) [C]Yes I m fall-[D/C]in [C] [D/C] (Yes I m fallin ) (yes I m fallin ) [C]Yes we re fall-[D/C]in [C] [D] (yes we re fallin ) (yes we re fallin ) [repeat chorus, and fade] 0 2| 1 3| 0 2| 0 X| X 3| X X| I think electric guitar intro and chorus parts go like this: | | 555/77/999975| 55/3555/77/999975| 55/3333/55/777753| 33/1| and hit these bar chords on their respective parts as well: Bm Am D/C—same as D | | | 9 7| 9 7| 7 5| You can also hear another guitar doing an arpeggio with the minor chords when they start with Em, Bm toward the verse/intro end. Corrections welcomed! Bishop of Nod *

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